Monday, March 21, 2011

Hollywood hates women!

When I saw Knocked Up, I couldn't believe the things they did to the female leads in this movie. First they have super skinny Katherine Heigl being told to lose 20 lbs! She is probably about 18% body fat - if that, and her character is being told she's too big for television.

Then, the actress who is playing her sister is told she is too old to get into a club... and the woman is only 34!

Sheesh... what is up with that?

Maybe Hollywood should go back to the original way acting was done when women weren't allowed on the stage. Female parts were played by boys! Then they won't have to worry about a women having hips or being in her 30's... just a bunch of feminine-looking teenage boys with padded bras taking over all the female roles.

Another thing I find shocking is that in the modeling world, the girls in Victoria's Secret catalogue are considered too big for the runway. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. Here are women - very thin women, with hips and breasts and the very fact that they actually look like women makes them *fat* in the modeling world! Yet scrawny little men like Brad Pitt - who I hear wears a size 6 dress, get to play strong warriors. In reality, sensitive little Brad would get his butt kicked in a street fight... he wouldn't be the bravest fighter ever. The same goes for Johnny Depp.

Yet Hollywood wants us to see these men as big, strong alpha males... while women like Katherine Heigl are seen as FAT and Leslie Mann is seen as OLD!

Women should absolutely NOT get their ideas about what is and isn't beautiful from Hollywood. Famous actresses are paid big bucks - often millions, to keep their unrealistic figures. They are a product... they are expected to show up as thin as possible and to fit into their wardrobe.

But their looks are not representative of what the average male expects from a woman. Sure it's always good to look and feel your best, but don't let anyone tell you you're fat when you're not, nor that you are old when you're not. For that matter, don't let anyone give you these labels at all. There are fit and muscular women weighing 200 lbs running marathons, and there are healthy and youthful 60-somethings who love to go out dancing.

Make the most of what you have, just be the best YOU - don't try to be Angelina, don't worry if your butt doesn't look like JLo's, or if you can't work out as much as Madonna. These women are products and they have a job to do. And, as anyone who's ever picked up a tabloid, their lives are far from perfect. It's all smoke and mirrors anyway.


  1. Victoria Secret models are no longer curvy…the big boobed, hippy models of the 90's that were a man'd ideal have been replaced by skinnier, flatter models that appeal to women's idea of beauty as a result of fashion.

    I hate Hollywood anyway :)