Friday, March 4, 2011

Being Receptive

Being receptive is about patience and the inner grace of being at ease right where you are. Looking comfortable in your surroundings - any surroundings, is very attractive. Confidence is an aphrodisiac.

If you look tired or anxious, people will stay away so as not to bother you. So, when hoping to meet someone, it's very important to send out the message that being approached is what you DESIRE and NOT a bother!

This can be done anywhere - I've met several boyfriends while in my car! And gone on dates with men I've met at fast food restaurants. Men getting gas at the pump next to me, shopping at Walmart, and even in the dollar store, have asked me out.

Now before you start assuming I'm some great beauty who has men falling at her feet, let me assure you that this is not the case. Nor am I particularly young or thin. I've simply learned the techniques that alert men to the fact that I am single and looking. While also looking confident and pleasant. That's all most men need to see to screw up their courage to say hello.

That is what being receptive boils down to - giving men a chance, an opening, an invitation to enjoy your presence.

Any man who is single and looking is on alert, watching for this signal, so he can make his move.

As I said, I'm no great beauty, but I do make the effort to always look my best. But that is also part of being confident - being secure enough to treat yourself well. Not trying to blend in and discourage attention, but to INVITE it!

Therefore, put on something pretty, do your hair and makeup, and wear a pleasant, happy expression, as you go about your life... and people will be drawn to you, wherever you are.

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  1. Now that is so true, men are attracted to our femininity and we need to be "open" to "receive" what men want to give us...