Monday, March 7, 2011


Over the years, whenever I've flipped through fashion magazines, the most feminine and appealing outfits have always been those in the ads for pantyhose! Half the time, I'd be wishing the skirt or dress or heels in the ad was also for sale. While the weird clothes that passed for fashion were not only overpriced but not that attractive. Plus they were out of style in a season or two, while the women in the pantyhose ads wore classic items that would last forever!

This beautiful red coat could be worn today - even though it's from a vintage ad:

This white dress would look just as beautiful if worn today:

This Sheer Energy ad from 1974 could be run today... although I'm sure prices have gone way up since then

I'm gonna guess this ad is from the early 80's since I had a similar dress in '81... wish I still had it:

All these outfits are classic, yet this is an ad for clothing, using girls who look like junkies:

And here are some fashion layouts that are for sale:

Would you walk around looking like this?:

Or this?:

These "fashion merkins" are an absolute embarrassment!:

So next time you are flipping through a fashion magazine, make sure to take a good look at the pantyhose ads... you just might find that the model's outfit is actually much more fashionable than any of the weird and wacky trends being so heavily promoted.

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